Stop dreaming, and start traveling!

Travel safer with real-time covid-19 travel insights.

July 12, 2021

With the changes that COVID-19 has brought, booking trips has drastically changed.

New restrictions have made travel more difficult. Peanut solves this! Try the free extension on Chrome and book trips with ease. Go to your favorite booking site and let Peanut do all the work. You’ll see COVID-19 restrictions, visa requirements, predicted flight delays, and other pertinent information regarding your trip. Peanut saves you hours of research so that all you have to focus on is which beach you plan to visit. The greatest part, Peanut is completely free. Take a look at what Peanut has to offer!

So many people just like me love Peanut. Just read some of their amazing reviews.

~“Such a good way to quickly allow planning as we start to plan travel again! The up-to-date information on quarantine, testing, vaccination rates saves me time on every trip.“ - Jonathan

~“Have been playing around with this while exploring potential destinations for my first COVID-era international trip; super stable and so awesome to be able to use it for Int'l-Int'l legs as well. Also, the COVID risk rating+vax rate is a crucial piece of data and I'm shocked that I haven't seen it leveraged yet by other products :)“ - Sydney

~ “Just used this while planning a trip to Hawaii, and it was sooooo smooth, loved it. Can't wait to see where it goes 🔥“ - Paul

I had the chance to talk to their CEO, Brady Simpson, and ask him a few questions about Peanut.

Why did you start Peanut? - “I was simply tired of getting burned by booking websites, I’ve had too many vacations ruined because of it. There is so much information everywhere, I figured why not put it in a nice convenient package. I was surprised that it was such a common issue that nobody had the solution to, that's one of the main reasons why I started Peanut.”

What are your intentions as you continue to develop Peanut? - “I want to make Peanut the Honey of travel. I want to give our users all the information they need while keeping it simple and easy to navigate through. I want everyone to book their flights confidently and enjoy their vacations. Those are my intentions for Peanut. It's such an amazing feeling that we can offer a service like this and it’s just getting started.”

Peanut extension

Peanut was launched in June 2021, with already 200+ users and a 5 Star rating. Peanut is compatible with,, and Google Flights.

I strongly suggest checking it out, and giving Peanut a try!

Stop dreaming and start traveling again. Don’t let confusing and changing covid-19 travel rules spoil your vacation plans before they start. The most important thing you can do today is to be prepared. Pandemic travel will be full of surprises and may not be perfect. But the more informed and prepared you are, the better.

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Have fun traveling!

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