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That's right, we make it super simple to book better trips with Peanut, a free Google Chrome extension — with travel requirements, visa rules and more on, Expedia and Google Flights. We've got you pretty much covered.

save time, start traveling

covid-19 restrictions

weather forecasts

flight delays

‍visa & passports

rules & restrictions

Covid-19 info and risk assessment for domestic and international destinations

entry requirements

entry requirements for 1000's of your favorite destinations

flight delays

predict flight delays and cancellations before ever booking the flight.

weather trends

We help sum up the best times to travel, as well as trends and recommendations.

travel insurance

Some destinations require insurance to enter. we make it easy to get covered.

hotel quality

Stop fussing between hotels and get insights on overall quality and comps

to all of your favorite places

it's free & super easy

how it works

add to chrome – it's free

visit the chrome web store and add the extension

browse travel sites normally

visit your favorite travel sites like google flights, booking and expedia

see travel insights

you will be greeted with unique travel insights during your search and exploration phase

why the name peanut?

it's free

Peanuts are available at no charge on flights.

it's a travel snack

Peanuts are synonymous with global travel.

it's memorable

we aimed for a friendly, relatable story

another helpful resource, Peanut travel
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June 15, 2022

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March 11, 2022

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December 15, 2021

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covid-19 restrictions

weather forecasts

flight delays

‍visa & passports

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