Hotels and Weather

‍Weather and hotel quality can have a big impact on your travels. With Peanut, see the best weather months and unique hotel insights!

March 11, 2022

Weather can impact travel in a big way.

See top weather trends for every city and plan a better trip, with Peanut.

With Peanut's latest update - we’ve collected thousands of weather datapoints for every major city to bring you the best weather insights.  Figure out the best months for travel with Peanut's powerful weather insights.

Have you ever been totally rained out on a vacation? Or brought the wrong clothes? These are just a few question Peanut can help you think about months in advance.

  • Weather insights and trends for every major city around the world
  • Level set expectations based on historical weather trends
  • Average temps, hottest & coldest months and "feels like" temperatures
  • Historical weather conditions help you understand what the weather in July for Sydney Australia might be like, or February in Paris or October in New York City.
Fearlessly walk the streets of NYC

There's no bad weather, just bad clothes and planning.

Who knew visiting Jamaica in August was a bad idea (hurricanes) Denmark in February (hint: feels colder than reported temperatures)

Let Peanut help you better plan your trip and give you a sense of what you might expect.

Try the weather insight today -- it's free to add on all Chrome browsers

Let's talk about hotels. 

Photos shared by hotels or reviewers can be misleading.

Get an objective peek at hotel quality before you book something, using Peanut's latest update that includes hotel quality.

We’ve collated data from over 200,000 hotels worldwide to share the year the property was built and year last renovated — and how that compares to other hotels in the city.

See the year the property was built and year last renovated for major hotels in every city.

How can this help? If there were two similar hotels, and one was last renovated in 2006 and the other 2018, which would you choose? We think this information can help break a tie after you've already narrowed things down. The year a hotel was built and last renovated is a decently objective peek into the quality, newness and conditions. Photos and reviews are helpful, but more information can help you make better travel decisions.

Sleeping with no worries

See when a hotel or property was built and last renovated -- helping you choose the hotel that's right for you.

Try it today -- it's free to add for Chrome browsers. Peanut adds information to the flight or hotel you're viewing when on Expedia, or Google Flights.

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