Peanut finds a new home

How a small but might Chrome app found it's way into the hearts of travelers around the world

June 15, 2022

Graduation day

It is with great gratitude that we announce a new home for the Peanut family. Peanut has joined the Insured Nomads family in an effort to bolster travel confidence as a team. Insured Nomads is a leader in the travel space and we couldn't be more thrilled to see our partnership grow.

Woman traveling

Short stint, large gains

We’ve worked diligently on Peanut for 1.5 years and shipped a ton, all while maintaining an extremely high bar for design and engineering. While we could've pivoted to mobile or left our full-time jobs to work on Peanut, we're proud of the growth we've seen given those constraints. With that said, we are super grateful for everyone's energy, interest, and the sweat those who helped put into this project; we can't thank you enough.

Peanut, the Chrome Extension

Peanut works seamlessly across top OTA's like Google, Booking and Expedia. It's a great and lightweight tool surfacing key insights when you need them most, before booking your trip. Let us do the heavy lifting and you stay focused on traveling.

Peanut working across Google Flights

The Insured Nomads suite of products allows travelers to partake in a variety of safety, health and other travel tips for your trip. Collectively, we found their work overlapped well with ours and that it made perfect sense to partner up and out to scale an even more robust set of products for worrisome travelers.

Insured Nomads for iOS

Look mom, we did it

Today, we are sharing with the world our next steps in our journey. Insured Nomads want to help us evolve and move forward with a little support from their team. Even at an early stage, it's felt like an eventful and inspiring course for us. We thank you for your support and hope to carry that over with the Insured Nomads family. They will continue to partner with our product in new ways and help keep the lights on while we're away.

Remember to travel safely this year, and we can't wait to see you on the other side ✌🏻



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