Travel stress-free with our new features

We're excited to launch new features on the free Peanut Google Chrome extension, helping you plan your vacation stress free

December 11, 2021

Understanding travel restrictions is exhausting...

Plan your trip stress free with new Peanut features, launching today

  1. Links to official covid-19 entry requirements - cross check everything and get the most trusted information
  2. Return trip details with a single click with Round Trip tabs
  3. Discover countries that require Travel Insurance (note: around 20 countries require travel insurance, including Singapore, Israel, Argentina and others!)

The Pandemic...oh joy

reduced our ability to travel stress free (not that it was easy before!) Rules are constantly changing. It’s confusing and exhausting.

The first version of Peanut tried to summarize everything. But we realized important things were missing. Using Peanut requires trust. To build trust, we wanted to display official government sources for travel information. We found ourselves cross-checking information before booking a trip, even if the information Peanut showed was accurate. So we decided to show the official government resource. Peanut now has one of the most comprehensive Covid-19 government website lists anywhere on the internet. Now, quickly cross check reputable sources before making any travel decisions. One surprising thing we learned when building this list: sometimes the most reliable source for travel restrictions came from an airline or airport website, and not the government website.

Adding to confusion, many countries require passengers to fill out forms

like this for Italy. You can’t enter without them. Airlines email these forms or have them on their apps, but the links are often hidden and it's easy to forget. Peanut links to these forms where applicable. As always, cross-check yourself -- but now you're able to quickly review the form in advance, save it and share it so you're prepared and less stressed on the day of travel.

So we launched links to Registration forms

Return-Trip tabs

Don't get stuck abroad, ensure you understand requirements on the way back! With Round Trip destination tabs, you can see important travel insights about the return journey. We have personally seen many travelers get stuck abroad, and in tears or totally frustrated because they didn't realize they needed a PCR test to get back in the US. Can you imagine being out over $1000 or more and having to rebook on a later flight?

You may need travel insurance to enter. Many countries now require it

About 20 countries mandate travel insurance. You can’t enter without coverage! Singapore, Israel, Oman, Russia and others. Peanut has partnered with a leading insurance provider, Insured Nomads to help you get coverage for countries that specifically require travel insurance. Some countries charge a flat fee and automatically grant you coverage like St. Maarten but most require you to get your own coverage through your own provider. As always, cross check the information yourself. Peanut makes that easy. Click the official government link which highlights the information about travel insurance.

Finally, an insider-secret to booking newer hotels

Photos and reviews can be inaccurate. Some photos are staged...or taken 10 years ago when everything was brand new. We've all been there: arriving to the hotel only to be surprised and disappointed by the quality being totally outdated and not what you had in mind when reading reviews and looking at photos.

Soon, Peanut will be the source to find out the age of the hotel and when it was last renovated. Renovation and build date can make a huge difference to having a quality stay and experience. We're excited to share more details about this launch in an upcoming post and fill you in on when this feature is ready!

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