Where can you travel during covid?

Where can you go during covid? Did you get the vaccine and are ready to explore and travel?

April 3, 2021

Ready to see where you can travel this spring and summer?

Us too.

We're super excited to travel again, but do it safely.

Check out exactly how you can use a free Chrome extension called Peanut to lead the way.

View covid entry requirements for every destination

Right on top of Expedia and Booking.com -- it's so easy.


  1. Add the free Chrome extension on Google Chrome Store
  2. Browse for flights on Expedia or Booking.com
  3. Look to the right! See Peanut in action finding insights for you about your trip.
  4. View covid entry requirements for every destination
Travel restrictions in Peanut

Find out where you can travel during the global pandemic, with Peanut!

And you'll be uncovering way more insights than that with Peanut.

Ever been surprised by a visa requirement?
Or booked a bad hotel that was old, outdated and poor quality? 

Our mission is to uncover insights that can be the difference between a bad trip and a great trip.

Soon, we'll support hotels, and even things like giving you a heads up about travel times to the airport.

Got feedback for Peanut to make it better? 

Let us know feedback@trypeanut.com

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