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Brady Simpson, Found and CEO of Peanut


Brady is a serial founder and product manager, who loves to travel and lives near San Francisco. His favorite fruit is durian (no kidding!)


Alex leads Peanut design and is based temporarily in LA. Xoogler turned dog enthusiast. He loves classic cars and peanut butter anything.


Roy leads engineering from Seattle. Previously built an internal design & prototyping tool used by Facebook. Think Figma but made with React.


Jamil focuses on engineering, and lives in the SF Area. Outside of travel hacking credit card points, you'll find him DJing or searching for a destination to scuba dive.


Chris spreads his wing with data science & engineering. He is based in the Bay Area and will help power Peanut with quality data insights.


Kasey leads partnerships. Lover of family, friends, life, entrepreneurship, creative thinking, and smart people.

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covid-19 restrictions

weather forecasts

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‍visa & passports

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